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You've got to host your Startup somewhere, might as well choose an awesome host

Category recommendation: Digital Ocean

Description: I’ve hosted Startups at different places, including AWS (too expensive!) but now I’m using Digital Ocean to host startups and it’s very affordable, well designed, and has nice support. I’m not that savvy with setting up server stuff, but I was able to figure out everything I needed to do with their knowledge base. Individual virtual servers start at just $5 each. You can use this link for $10 off your account.


Category recommendation: DreamHost

Description: I've hosted domains with DreamHost for years with no complaints. Good service when I've needed it, and it's very affordable to get hosting for an unlimited amount of domains. Perfect if you tend to buy a domain and just put up a landing page or hold on for it for later. They actually host One click installs makes setting stuff up super easy. Use this special link for $50 off. They are awesome for flat sites and Wordpress, but may not be ideal to build a full-blown startup with.



Description: A very well known hosting provider, with plans starting currently at only $3.49 a month, which is cheaper than a Latte. Their unlimited plans are also affordable. I've never used them personally, but I know a lot of people start with bluehost.



Description: If you're looking for powerful yet affordable hosting or VPS, and you want that host to have a mascot that looks like he would be fun to rage with at a frat party, HostGator just may be your top choice. They also offer one click installs, and a ton of free templates to choose from.



Description: Are you the kind of Startup person that wants to manage your own server? Rackspace might be best for you then. They can manage your server for you, as well, and they have new cloud management packages too. In my experience, they have tireless support that will spend as much time as needed with you. And they run their corporate office out of an old shopping mall, which is fun.


WP Engine

Description: Do you only host a Wordpress site? Or are you an agency that hosts a ton of Wordpress sites for your clients? Then going with a host that specializes in hosting Wordpress makes sense, and that's exactly what WP Engine does. And since they only do Wordpress hosting, if you ever need support with your site, they are experts in trouble shooting Wordpress issues.


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