Income Reports

What my projects are earning and what tools are being used

March 2016 Income Report

Vacord Screen Printing: $20,156

An okay month. I really need to finish the website and do an SEO campaign, and then go about setting up an affiliate program for Vacord.

    Tools/tactics used for Vacord:
  • I kept running Traffic Junky ads, which is a really cheap source of visitors
  • I left Facebook Retargeting going
  • Bought SEcockpit for SEO research, because it's the best software I've ever used for crazy in depth keyword research.
  • Set up Moz for this and 7 other sites.
  • I played around with Bing ads, which show a little promise, and should be revisited after I redo the website.

Ignite Your Match: For Sale

I'm putting my startup that provides critiques and rewrites of online dating profiles up for sale, so that I can narrow my focus going forward on fewer projects. It's up for sale at Flippa, if you're interested! $388

The Wizard of Oz MVP is still rocking and rolling. Pretty huge growth over last month. The actual backend is being built out right now by Toptal. That should be done really soon.

    Tools/tactics used for
  • I ran ads on Reddit, which is way better than it used to be
  • I amazinly actually got customers from Twitter, using Crowdfire to copy the followers of related services and people who could be interested
  • Someone listed it on Product Hunt, when it was an even less complete version of the site. Since it's not ready for real attention yet, and I didn't want to waste my one Product Hunt launch, I got them to take it down. The site generated $160 in sales or so in that two hours it was listed on Product Hunt.
  • Planning on using Post Affiliate Pro for's affiliate program, since I already have a license for it. $256

After some debate, I decided to start publishing the income that this site itself makes me. Why not?

After even more debate, I decided to remove the paid submissions for the site. People often didn't want to actually pay, and they tended to submit their own projects into specific categories. I'm trying to "be like water" and just listen to the users. So people now just submit a tool to whatever category, and if it is awesome enough, it can go on the site. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, and that earns some income, so I'll post that.

February 2016 Income Report

Vacord Screen Printing: $16,410.91

Q1 is usually slow for Vacord, and a lot of screen printing shops, so I wasn't too surprised that we did this much in February. It's about the same as last year. We are up 54% Year To Date (YTD) however, which is totally awesome.

    Tools/tactics used for Vacord:
  • We got someone at the shop to be in charge of taking awesome pictures of all the shirts, so our Instagram is livelier now, which is awesome.
  • I turned back on Traffic Junky ads, which is a really cheap source of visitors
  • I dabbled more with Google Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting

Ignite Your Match: $106

My startup that provides critiques and rewrites of online dating profiles finally relaunched. We had just three users, but I didn't expect a lot of sales right out of the gate. It's a tricky thing to growth hack...

    Tools/tactics used for Ignite Your Match:
  • Bing ads, which I just started but seems surprisingly promising. Bing also has retargeting.
  • Getting a lot of cheap traffic from Traffic Junky, and then building a retargeting audience for Google, and showing previous visitors ads.
  • I told the waiting list that the site was up. I think the waiting list had grown kind of stale, so that only resulted in one sale, but I'm going to put that list on a drip series to try to get their desire up.
  • I created a Medium account for Ignite Your Match, and wrote one article. I hope to write a lot more, because content marketing is my best bet for growth here.
  • I ran ads on Plenty of Fish's ad network (that's a major dating site), but the ads were too expensive per click $87

I have a Wizard of Oz MVP of the site up, and had a few users come through. I'm not doing a lot to push the service right now. What few customers I do get, I try to learn as much as possible from them and about the flow of the site, finding bugs and hiccups before we build it out. I recommend everyone do this for a new service whenever possible.

    Tools/tactics used for
  • Using Toptal to build out the backend
  • Front end is built on a Pixelarity theme
  • Using Formspree to capture user data, which works really nicely on flat sites like this

That's the income report for January. Hopefully the February report will include some revenue for Ignite Your Match!

January 2016 Income Report

Vacord Screen Printing: $34,417.21

The year started off very strong for Vacord Screen Printing. We had a $15k order from one of our best clients on the first business day of the month, plus a couple of larger than average orders closed on that day too, so we started the month off incredibly. Sales were good through the month, which is awesome because January is usually slow for us. We ended the month at $34,417.21, which is better than any month in 2015.

I set a monthly goal of $30k gross for Vacord for this year, which would give us about 30% growth over last year. We have a lot of repeat customers, but it is not recurring revenue, so the sales vary a lot month to month. This will be a challenge, but I'm up for it.

I did not finish moving the site to Wordpress, as I hoped, because I was working on some other projects, namely and Ignite Your Match.

    Tools/tactics used for Vacord:
  • I went ahead and bought SEMrush to start researching search volumes for screen printing related phrases
  • I was running a cold email campaign, which didn't result in orders, so I stopped it
  • I used AdEspresso to run some Facebook ads. Once the site is finally redone (I'm guessing I'll get to it in March, at this point), I'll revist AdEspresso for retargeting ads on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • We've used Cashboard for years to invoice customers. I love it because it's easy and data rich.

Ignite Your Match: $0 (not yet launched)

My startup the provides critiques and rewrites of online dating profiles is so close to finally being relaunched. I was able to test it myself this weekend, and it works. There are some minor bugs, but that is to be expected. We'll work on those, and have some beta users try it, then I'll be able to push it live, announce it to the waiting list, and start marketing it further. My February plan is to mostly focus on marketing Ignite Your Match. $0 (not yet launched)

Besides focusing on marketing Ignite Your Match in February, I'll finish the front end for, and have my developer from Toptal build out the backend.

I ran several alpha users through a "Wizard of Oz" style MVP last week, and got feedback for them on their apps and websites. I offered people on the waiting list free feedback from the reviewers in exchange for being examples on the site, which worked really well, and I had a lot of volunteers. Hoping to launch in March. Get on the waiting list there if you are interested in actionable feedback on your website, app, or ideas.

I used Betalist to grow the waiting list for It's an awesome way to get pre-launch traction going for a startup.

That's the income report for January. Hopefully the February report will include some revenue for Ignite Your Match!

January 4th, 2016 - update

Is it an update if I've never written these before?

I'm starting income reports on, not for this site, but for my other projects.

I'm not doing one for itself because the site doesn't make much money, and honestly tracking all the random incomes from 50 different affiliate programs is annoying. A lot of them haven't made anything yet, and when they do earn, it's like $10 or $25 or something. It's still worth having on the site of course, but I don't want to focus on it.

    Why I'm doing an income report:
  • To share the growth of my projects, and make me focus on growing them continuously
  • To share the tools and techniques that I'm using to grow them, hopefully to teach you guys about them
  • I thought it would be an interesting thing to write about
  • And honestly, to bring attention to these businesses

At the end of January, I will update with the income made from my three other projects. Here's some information on them, and their statuses...

Vacord Screen Printing - custom shirts, hoodies, tote bags, etc

I started this company nearly 10 years ago, and it has grown slowly and steadily, but I'm trying to double its revenue in 2016. January is already off to an incredible start, considering that I'm writing this on the first business day of the month. I'm feeling positive for the year.

    Tools I'm using/planning to use to grow and improve Vacord:
  • Moving the site from Bootstrap to Wordpress
  • Building on the Avada Wordpress theme (awesome, easy to use, beautiful
  • We'll use Zopim for live chat
  • AdEspresso to manage and A/B test the Facebook ads and retargeting
  • Petovera to help tweak the sales funnel
  • OptinMonster for popups

Ignite Your Match - critiques and rewrites of online dating profiles to improve your chance of success

I originally launched this in 2014, ran a beta version on Concrete5 (don't ever build on that), had about 60 customers (including myself!), shut it down because the system was instable, then the project floundered in redevelopment. Last month I hired Toptal to finish it, and am hoping to launch this month.

My developer from Toptal is a beast. Every morning he emails me to tell me what he plans to work on, then at the end of every day he tells me what he has gotten done. I've never seen that level of communication from a developer before.

    Tools I plan to use for initial traction with Ignite Your Match:
  • Traffic Junky (advertising on pornhub and similar sites, super cheap traffic)
  • Perfect Audience so I can run retargeting ads (Facebook won't allow dating related ads, so I can't retarget on Facebook unfortunately)
  • Buzzsumo to find influential bloggers in the online dating space
  • for a DIY press release campaign
  • to send out the emails for the press release
  • Post Affiliate Pro for the affiliate program - feedback on your website, app, idea or customer discovery

As soon as my developer is done on Ignite Your Match, I'll have him work on Hoping to launch it in February.

    Tools I'm using to build out/promote
  • Pixelarity for the theme
  • Toptal for backend development
  • CrowdFire to grow the Twitter quickly
  • Post Affiliate Pro for the affiliate program
  • SEMrush to research search phrases and my competition's SEO efforts

I'm looking forward to sharing my first income report at the end of the month. Stay tuned.