Inspected CSS and a ? – Issue 187

Hello ?

It’s Friday again. 

I want to share a newsletter I’ve been loving over the last few weeks…. Album Daily.

Does what it says – get an album recommended in your inbox every day (although you can get a weekly version too).

Not exactly startup related but helping with my downtime and broadening my music horizons.

I’ve featured it on Inbox Stash because it’s awesome. And I’m sponsoring their newsletter for a couple of weeks ?

Moving on…. did you know that you can get Basecamp for free?

Last week’s most clicked tool was FakeClients. Way, way, way out in front.

On to this week’s tools and articles…

? Tools discovered recently

MageTools: DevTools Reimagined

Browser extension (Chrome only right now) for inspecting elements on the page. Really nice and smooth to use.

It’s free but not sure for how long. You need to enter the discount code at checkout and the request for credit card details will go away.

Damn I could have done with this when I was trying to figure out my CSS on Inbox Stash ?

Growjo – The Fastest Growing Companies in 2019

Database of 10,000 fast growing companies with a whole load of data around size, revenue, key team members, funding, etc.

Useful for market research and finding leads. Free to download as a CSV.

Rhino NDA

Simple as it gets. If you really need an NDA but not quite enough to get a lawyer, this might be the answer. Plug in some basic details and voila, there’s an NDA ready for you to paste into your e-signature software or go old school and print and sign.

Useful PDF

Speaking of e-signatures Useful PDF is another great tool to check out. It lets you easily create documents and then use your e-signature to sign them. The tool gives you two options when it comes to creating your signature. You can either draw one or just type it out. The tool has a lot of different templates ready to use, including power of attorney, living wills, rental forms, and a lot more.


26 Browser Extensions for Marketers

More browser extensions – this is a useful list of tools that will make life easier in your marketing efforts. Plenty of free stuff to try out. Get this >>

? Sponsor of the week

Get unstuck with advice from vetted growth mentors

In minutes, you’ll have access to 150+ vetted growth marketing and startup mentors, ready to jump on a call with you at startup friendly rates (or free!)

? Articles of the week

How to Launch on Product Hunt ?

Yeterday, I asked a question on Indie Hackers about how to know when you’re ready to launch something on Product Hunt. It’s a thread worth a quick look here.

One of the resources suggested was this very comprehensive guide written by Product Hunt themselves. Read now >>

The Detail Principle for Writing Good Blog Posts

“Good blog posts have unique details to back up claims. Bad blog posts just make claim after claim. Most posts are bad.”

This is a great “how to” if you’re doing any content marketing. Examples of how to use details in your articles to be better than most of your competition. From the masters of content at Grow & Convert. Read now >>

SaaS Growth Hacking – ZERO to Over $25K MRR in 6 Months

Some serious growth hacking from the guys at Rankz who managed to get to 25K MRR without spending much more than time on marketing. Guess you have to get your hands dirty when the budget is tight. Read now >>

How To Know If Your Minimum Viable Product is Actually Viable

It’s getting easier to build MVPs (looking at you no code tools) but how do you know if it’s really going to work out in the wild? 

Get the key questions to ask yourself / team. Read now >>

? Podcast of the week

Why Making $130,061.02 a Month Doesn’t Matter

Interview with Alex Nerney a professional blogger, adventure junkie, and digital entrepreneur. 

There’s still money to be made in blogging and more to be made in teaching others how to do it.

Interesting interview as not the usual fluff questions. Listen now >>

? That’s it for this issue

Enjoy the weekend, I’ll be back next Friday.

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