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If you actively do sales, you always need more leads


Description: Import.io is a scraping tool with a function called "magic" which is an appropriate name because it operates like magic. Show it a website, point to a bit of data, tell Import.io what you want to call that data, point to other data, name it too, and so on, and Import.io learns how to intelligently scrape and place all that data into a CSV for you. And it can do it in batches, huge batches. It will work better than your Malaysian virtual assistant. I was extremely impressed. And it's free. If you want to pull information of webpages in order to gather leads, this is the tool for you.

Link: import.io


Description: Leadiro is a B2B data provider to find companies, contacts and intelligence on their technology stack.

Link: https://leadiro.com


Description: LeadFuze is a very affordable lead service, with a very high accuracy rate. They can either sell you the leads, and you can pursue them yourself, or they have a "done for you service" in which they provide the leads and initially contact them, to your specifications, then pass them off to you if they're interested, which is awesome if you've got the funds to pay for such a service but you don't have the time to do it yourself, or if your time is better spent doing something else for your Startup. I plan to use LeadFuze for my own business as part of my "Growvember" marketing onslaught.

Link: leadfuze.com


Description: Limited in scope, but in a way that can provide better verified leads, Pipetop only works in four verticals: consumer brands, e-commerce, software / IT companies, and creative agencies. So if your targets would be in one of those verticals, you're set. With the mentality of "not all leads are created equal", Pipetop wants to only give you high quality leads.

Link: pipetop.com


Description: Let's say you know the CMO's name at a certain company, but you can't find their email address. Take the information you do know and input it into Sellhack and it will tell you what their email address is, and to what percentage they are certain about it. They now also have a Chrome extension to automatically look up this information as you browse. Sign up via our special link here and get 50 extra credits (a credit is good for one email look up).

Link: sellhack.com


Description: List building tool with LinkedIn integration and an intelligent way of integrating with multiple CRMs.

Link: http://prospect.io/


Description: TweetFull is a Twitter automation tool that follows people and favorites tweets based on the hashtags and specifics you want. I put it in the Leads category instead of Social Media because their approach is designed to bring you people interested in your offering, who you can then start marketing to.

Link: Tweetfull


Description: A done for you service for generating leads based on your criteria, which you submit through a simple questionnaire.

Link: http://www.listgenies.com/

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