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Active Campaign

Description: An all-in-one marketing package, with email marketing, automated followups, sales and CRM management. Set up segmentations, drips, and design further actions on triggers based on what your customer does. There's a reason Active Campaign is so popular, or maybe it's several reasons.



Description: Bloomathy helps you plan and organize your marketing campaigns, across 20 different channels. Once you start your campaign, the platform helps you determine what channels and campaign strategies are working best for you, so you can concentrate your efforts where it counts. No more tracking all of your campaigns in a hodgepodge of different google spreadsheets.



Description: Hubspot is a full-featured marketing suite, with a platform for developing inbound marketing strategies, and a CRM to handle the sales side of things. High powered and very popular, Hubspot also puts out a ton of good content on marketing, so they're worth watching even if you aren't becoming a customer.



Description: I feel like I need to quit saying "full-featured" on thie site, but Mautic is a full-featured (sorry) open source marketing platform, to track leads, manage email and social marketing campaigns, and set up drip email campaigns. If you're into setting up and using open source software on your own, Mautic's the marketing platform for you.


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