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Revue (My category recommendation)

Description: This is what I run the Startup Resources newsletter off of, and switch to it saves me about $45 a month actually, over my previous solution. I like it because it can import articles from Pocket easily, as well as via a Chrome plugin, and it's super easy to organize and edit my newsletter every week. I don't want to have to spend forever compiling a newsletter, and thanks to Revue I don't have to. Use the code STARTUPRESOURCES and you'll get the first three months for free when you sign up for Revue Pro (which is just $5 a month anyway, an awesome deal).


Campaign Monitor

Description: This is what I use for all my mailing lists now. The UI is elegant, the pricing is right, and you can embed a list into any sign up form, so it won't ruin the asthetics of your site. There is a plan with no monthly charge, and you just pay per email blast, which is awesome if you're using it as a "waiting list" for a pre-launch startup.



Description: What the weekly article list is built with. Similar to Pocket, install a plugin into your browser and when you see an article that you want your mailing list to read, just save it to Curated, and every week or month you will easily and automagically generate a curated email. Used by Hiten Shah and the Startup Foundation for their curated emails.


Flash Issue

Description: Beautiful Email Marketing for Gmail. Design amazing emails with our drag-and-drop editor. Create mailing lists and send bulk email all from Gmail. Flashissue lets you get around the bulk emailing limits set by Google. Great for start-ups who want the convenience and speed of email marketing from a place they know - Gmail.



Description: Very similar to Curated, but slightly more affordable, Goodbits is a flexible newsletter system with a nice amount of integrations, making it easy to curate and send out a newsletter to your following. One awesome thing is that you can collect articles for your newsletter directly from Pocket via IFTTT.



Description: Kind of like what Medium is to the blogosphere, TinyLetter makes writing emails to your followers easy and elegant. Provided by MailChimp, they really just want to make it so easy for you to create a newsletter that you have no reason not to.



Description: Not exactly a newsletter tool, but rather a membership bot platform for paid Telegram channels and groups - so kind of like Revue but for Telegram. Membership bots built with InviteMember can show information about subscription plans, accept payments, send invite links to clients, remind users to renew their subscriptions, kick users when their subscription ends, and more.

Link: InviteMember

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