Leverage the power of email personalization and double the performance of your referral programs with the CloudSponge Contact Picker

Simplify your site’s sharing workflow by enabling users to sign into their preferred email address books directly from your website to access, import and share their contacts without typing, uploading spreadsheets, or copying and pasting from another window. 

With the Contact Picker’s “add from address book” option, word-of-mouth marketing programs see increased engagement and perform twice as well in generating referrals per session when compared to those without. It also enables you to get improved email open rates and faster conversions with powerful email personalisation features that extract recipient details from signed-in address books to personalize the subject, body and salutations of referral emails.

Lastly, get deep insights into how your sharing programs are performing with the CloudSponge dashboard that drills down into every aspect of your sharing workflow to help you identify and improve the performance of your sharing programs.