Taktical Digital Marketing Calculator

Estimating ROI From Your Content Marketing

Taktical Digital is a digital marketing agency that hyperscales companies through cross-channel strategies, creative storytelling and efficient media buying. Content marketing plays a crucial role in a brand’s success and the expert SEO team has a consistent track of helping brands attract more customers thanks to a data-driven content strategy.

When working on content marketing and SEO, it’s not uncommon for a client to ask what their return on investment might be for such efforts. Oftentimes people don’t know what their ROI is, even after they’ve been doing it for a long time. So, Taktical built this calculator to help project and predict what your business’s likely return on investment will be, based on how much effort you put into your content marketing strategy.

Taktical made this tool available to anybody on the internet for free because they believe in content marketing –and that everyone deserves a good shot at success!