Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky Review

Scoring big with an unconventional advertising campaign is never easy. You’d have to be as original and quirky as possible, but the risk of failing is still too high.

Coming up with ways to run your regular ad campaigns in unusual places can prove to be quite profitable – however, the lack of ideas is always a depressing setback. Well, we believe that we’ve discovered a potential solution to that issue which, we hope, will minimize your frustrations.

Meet TrafficJunky, the largest advertising network that encompasses the biggest names in the adult entertainment online network. Adult oriented websites are where lots of people – potential customers – end up daily, so does that make it an unusual place to run your ads?

Yes, it might be tacky and vulgar to admit that adult sites are your main traffic source. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this actually is a clever way to promote your brand, capture leads, and surge your company’s revenue.

Let’s explore the benefits of advertising with TrafficJunky in greater detail.

Getting Familiar with TrafficJunky

Founded in 2008 in Montreal, Canada, TrafficJunky is the largest digital marketing and web advertising company that provides marketing opportunities where other agencies don’t.

Niches such as adult dating, gambling, live webcams, spyware, and many more aren’t allowed to advertise with big online brands like Google Ads, Facebook Ads (which includes Instagram), Bing Ads, etc.

That’s where TrafficJunky shines. It supports business verticals that are often “demonized” by other digital marketing companies.

With over 150 million unique daily visitors and 3 billion daily impressions, TrafficJunky is a huge asset for everyone in need of some ad space.

TrafficJunky’s largest demographic group is 20 to 40-year-old straight males; however, every other demographic is represented in vast numbers as well, and that can’t be underestimated.

TrafficJunky for Advertisers

Anyone can score an insane load of traffic by advertising with TrafficJunky. Hundreds of millions of people roam through popular “adult tube” sites, where TrafficJunky rules the realms and can help you get your message across.

“Taboo” niches such as Adult Dating, Gambling and Entertainment, Adult Paysites, Gaming, and Sexual Wellness thrive across the TrafficJunky network.

If you’re in the cannabis business, with TrafficJunky, you can advertise cannabis-related products in regions where these products can be legally purchased.

Other than that, you can advertise anything you wish – just make sure you stick to TrafficJunky’s rules and regulations policy.

Advertising Campaigns

With TrafficJunky, you can launch ad campaigns seamlessly and effectively. Load your account with the necessary funds, prepare your ads, and you’re ready to go.

TrafficJunky has a self-service interface that supports banner ads that look great across any device.

The ads that you run through TrafficJunky are shown based on a CPM-bidding (cost per thousand) mechanism. You can select the right keywords that you want your ad to be related to and bid the maximum price for a single impression. If multiple ads are bidding for a certain keyword, only the ad with the highest impression price will be displayed in that session.

Additionally, you can set your campaign to target certain demographics and geographic regions. It’s amazing that the biggest portion of TrafficJunky’s visits come from tier-1 countries (USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan).

For maximum efficiency, ads can also activate and stop running at a set time each day.

TrafficJunky for Publishers

You can even make some money by cooperating with TrafficJunky to become a publisher. If you own a website and lend your advertising space to TrafficJunky, they’ll come in and provide the advertisers.

TraffickJunky’s dashboard provides you with intelligent tracking and analytics for each visit and impression on the ads that your website serves. That way, you can measure your traffic growth and performance.

Whatever the ads earn, you take 60% of that revenue while TrafficJunky is entitled to the rest.

TrafficJunky Pros and Cons

Features that we really liked about the platform:

  • Advertising optimization for mobile
    TrafficJunky offers various options for mobile view so that you can choose how and where to display your ads. Header, underplayer, and footer banners all attract a high volume of potential customers. Packed with their auto-optimization feature as well, TrafficJunky will make sure to push forward your best-converting campaigns.
  • Frequency capping
    Limit the frequency of your ads displayed to each visitor to prevent banner burnout and avoid overexposure.
  • Uptime and security
    TrafficJunky is hosted on a stable architecture to guarantee optimal uptime. They also implement two-factor authentication to ensure high account security.

Stuff we’re not huge fans of:

  • Targeting popular keywords can be very expensive.

If you don’t have a big budget, you can’t rely on bidding small for a high-converting keyword. Your campaign may never see the light of day if you take that risk.

  • TrafficJunky’s majority of top publishers are adult tube sites.

That can be damaging for certain brands and services. Finding out where you promote your business could be a dealbreaker for some types of customers.

Tips & Tricks for Advertising with TrafficJunky

  • Always use the reporting tools provided by TrafficJunky to analyze the performance of your ad campaign. Learn from the data and use the knowledge to optimize any ads that don’t do well by upgrading them with new versions.
  • Perform split testing for the same ads. Run the same version of an ad for different spots and see if it converts better as a “top right square ad” or an “underplayer ad.” Then use the more successful version.
  • Make sure your landing pages are aligned with your ad message. Consistency is very important for successful converting. If your ad shows cannabis brownies, but the landing page that it points to sells cannabis gummies, that can take away all your credibility.
  • Scale your campaigns when you notice positive ROI. With a bigger budget, you can run more ads and target larger groups and regions. Still, keep an eye on the conversion rates in order to maintain steady growth.

In Closing

In this review, we explained how TrafficJunky can help you promote your brand and products to millions of potential customers. It’s one of the top platforms where you can create profitable advertising campaigns to quickly gain positive ROI.