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8 Services You Can Outsource to Grow Your Business

Last Updated on September 26, 2023 by Nick

Depending on the type of business you have, outsourcing some of your much-needed services is only logical. According to Forbes, 37% of small businesses already outsource important business processes. IT, healthcare, and fintech are the industries with the most outsourcing. 

Whether you’re a solopreneur or run a startup, you can outsource various services to freelancers or dedicated agencies. This can free up precious time and allow you to focus on business growth instead. Let’s look at the services you should outsource moving forward and the perks of doing so in 2022.

How Outsourcing Can Help Grow Your Business

The most important question is – why should you outsource anything in the first place? According to Small Biz Genius, 59% of businesses outsource to reduce operational costs, with 78% feeling positive about their outsourcing decision. Furthermore, 2020 estimates indicate that over 300,000 positions are outsourced every year. 

Different businesses have different reasons to outsource. For example, you can use a free plagiarism checker to proofread your web content or business documents, but you may also need a professional copywriter. In this case, looking to outsource professional writers makes sense, whether for one-time contracts or long-term cooperation. 

Here’s how you can benefit from outsourcing:

  • Save internal time and resources.
  • Focus on business development.
  • Gain business scaling flexibility.
  • Shuffle your staff easily.
  • Reduce long-term costs.

These are only some of the benefits you stand to gain. Outsourcing critical services to trained professionals will allow you to fully focus on business growth. Instead of bookkeeping or managing emails, you can tend to corporate matters instead. So, what are the top services to outsource to grow your business more easily?

Web Design and SEO

No matter which industry you belong to, you need a great website. People who visit your website will want to know more about your business, services, and how to reach you. 

Likewise, they’ll want to do it easily, so SEO is also important. Following web design trends with the help of a professional designer and SEO specialist is the right thing to do. 

You won’t have to spend weeks or months learning about web development and you’ll get tangible results. Your website will also rank better in SERPs and make it easier for leads to find your business.

Content Writing

Quality content is what will help your business rank better with search engines like Google and Bing. This is why in-house content writing without a professional copywriter is a bad idea. 

Instead, you should outsource your content writing to a professional service. College students do this when they think, “I’d like to hire someone to write my research paper properly” – they know they can use reliable, professional writing services to help them do a better job. Likewise, a professional will have all the knowledge and experience to help make your content stand out as original, relevant, and trendy. 

Sure, anyone literate can write – but not everyone can do it well. Going the DIY route can cost you a lot of headache and mediocre content. Avoid ad hoc content writing whenever possible and outsource it instead.


Your business will rely increasingly on digital devices and platforms. If you’re not tech-savvy or belong in IT, it’s best to outsource IT services. 

Don’t try to maintain your server, malware protection, or hardware. Work with an IT specialist or an IT agency instead to ensure everything is smooth and secure. 

Having a reliable computer expert or a programmer on speed-dial will help you stay operational 24/7. Even if malware or a social hack creeps into your devices, a professional will take care of it faster than you ever could.

Social Media Management

With billions of people using social media daily, it’s only natural to market your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. However, this is a full-time job, and you may want to outsource it to a professional. 

Social media management consists of creating content, targeting customers, and interacting with them. If you don’t have the proper know-how, it’s better not to do it internally. 

Work with a professional instead and take full advantage of social media. Meanwhile, you can use a quality writer or editor to write content for your website and social media pages. Once you find the page manager, providing them with good content will make their job far easier.

Email Marketing

Despite the popularity of social media, many still use email to communicate with brands they like. Email marketing can be a powerful tool that can help you nurture leads and reach out to B2B stakeholders. However, if you’re not a writer or well-spoken, this might be difficult. 

Working with an email marketing expert or an agency dedicated to digital marketing can help you avoid disaster and actually see results. Professionals will create a solid email marketing strategy to help you increase conversions and boost your brand’s appeal. Rather than tagging your emails as spam, your target audience will be compelled to see what you’re offering and click through. 

Without outsourcing, however, email marketing can become a tedious task riddled with trial and error.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important element of business growth. You want people to perceive your brand positively, and the best way to do that is by providing them with quality customer support. 

According to Fortunly, 54% of businesses use outsourced support to help their customers. Additionally, 24% of businesses outsource to boost their productivity and free up precious hours each day. 

With the right customer support agents, your business will enjoy a better brand image. Moreover, you won’t have to spend countless hours tending to mundane support tickets. Customer support is an essential component of a successful business – outsource yours to benefit from it.

Finance and Bookkeeping

Taxes are something that every business owner has to worry about on a daily basis. If you’re not a financial expert, however, you should not do your taxes or bookkeeping. Instead, find an accountant and a financial advisor. 

People who specialize in finance will help you make the most out of your tax returns and advise you on how to organize your books. Having your accountant or bookkeeper and paying them a monthly fee to handle your financial reports is a smart move.

You don’t want to reach the end of the calendar year with messy books and no clue on how to process your tax paperwork. Outsource your financial needs and focus on what matters most for your business – growth and development.

Public Relations (PR) Management

Your business may run into public scrutiny or need to address certain product or service issues. These crises will test your business in the public’s eye. Instead of trying to patch things up personally, work with a PR agent. Trained professionals who are public speakers will do a much better job at that. A good PR agent or an agency will save you precious trust and money many times over. Mishandling your PR and opting to handle it yourself, however, can have dire consequences. 

Be prepared for potential crisis scenarios, as unlikely as they may be. If one happens, however, you will be ready with the right PR statements to back you up.

Outsourcing-Based Business Growth

There’s so much you can do with outsourcing.

Focus on growing your brand and providing your customers and clients with a stellar experience. Meanwhile, allow professionals to fill in the roles you’re missing internally. This is both more economical and dynamic than hiring permanent staff for your business. 

Work on your long-term business goals and adjust your outsourcing approach over time. Thankfully, it’s quite intuitive to scale back on outsourcing when you don’t need it and then ramp it up again later.


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Outsourcing your PPC campaigns is a better option than doing it in-house, because it will be more cost-effective, and you can rely on the expertise of a company who has years of experience in the industry.

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