Startup Resources – Issue #179


After last week’s email, I got a lot of amazing feedback about the website and email update.

That’s a massive relief ?

Definitely a few improvements to make but it’s great to be able to focus on getting content for the email and not spending every spare second tweaking CSS.

Back to this week’s tools and articles…

If you’re interested, last week’s most clicked on tool was the Gmail tool, Flybox. But only by a couple of clicks.

? Tools discovered recently

Otter | Voice Meeting Notes

Transcribe meeting notes live. This is a cool app (iOS and Android) that records your meetings and transcribes the audio in realtime. Can recognize different speakers and easy to share notes with others. Free plan includes 600 minutes of transcription.

Survais | Website user surveys

Understanding your customers and site visitors has never been more important – it’s competitive out there.

Full blown surveys are nice but hard to get people to fill out. Survais could be the answer. Neat tool to do simple surveys on your web pages. Also can be used to collect email addresses and other calls to action. 

Freebies.ByPeople | Commercial use freebies for designers and developers

Huge listing of free tools and resources for designers and developers. Fonts, icons, themes, UI kits, CSS, software, etc etc.

Descript | Create Podcasts, Videos & Transcripts

If you’re podcasting you already know that editing can be a total pain. Time consuming or expensive to outsource. Descript is a new way to edit audio using text. A full end to end production studio. Free plan to test drive it and then very reasonable pricing. 

? Sponsor of the week

Podcasts for entrepreneurs – with notes

Get podcast recommendations in your inbox, 2x per week. Every episode comes with 3 lessons learned. So you know if it’s going to be interesting. Before you play the episode.

? Articles of the week

Selling stuff on a busy beach

A great article from Justin Jackson about going where the market demand is and not trying to create demand. A competitive market validates that there’s a customer need. Don’t shy away from the crowded spaces, especially when they’re growing.

The 2020 Startup Sales Playbook

This is an amazing free resource from Steli and the team at Close. You’ll have to hand over your email address to download the pdf but it’s worth it. Very comprehensive look at sales for startups.

Breaking down the conversion secrets of Slack’s new website

A teardown of Slack’s landing pages and how they’ve changed over the last few years. And, more importantly, how you can apply the learnings to your site.

How to create a product roadmap: step by step guide

If you’re building anything, this is helpful guide for founders on how to create a product roadmap. Also includes a template.

The Growth Mentor Summit

I’m not usually a fan of virtual summits – I never have the chance to attend live and I struggle to catch up with replays. But…

This one looks really good. I’m signed up. 50+ speakers talking about a wide range of tactics for growth. It’s organized by the guys at Growth Mentor who are doing great things building a platform to get business advice from experts.

It’s free.

? Podcast of the week

The Magic of Choosing a Great Market with Justin Jackson of Transistor

Apologies if you’re not a Justin Jackson fan (article above) but this interview gives even deeper insight into choosing the right market. I listened to it this morning whilst putting the rest of the newsletter together and had to share.

? That’s it for this issue

Enjoy the weekend, I’ll be back next Friday.

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