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Because you really need some cool merch for your Startup


Description: SwagUp partners with companies to create high-quality branded swag packs for employee onboarding, new client welcoming, and events. They assemble, store, and ship company swag where and when they need it to save space, time, money and frustration. Kind of like a Chief Swag Officer for the companies they work with.

Link: swagup.com

Vacord Screen Printing

Description: Specializing in soft ink screen printing, Vacord loves printing for businesses. Simple and affordable pricing, and quick and enjoyable customer service makes the whole process of getting custom shirts, hoodies, tote bags, etc pretty easy. These guys are leaders in the field, focused on high quality results in the printing. Get some rad shirts for your Startup. They've printed for customer.io, Skype, Facebook, Code Climate, Startup Weekend, Bar Camp, and on and on.

Link: vacord.com


Description: Helps to create and sell game branded merchandise inside your games. Providing 14x revenue vs full-screen video ads and making gamers happy!

Link: themonetizr.com


Description: Focus on your core biz and still have the best swag. Customers and employees will be stoked (customer acquisition, recruiting, customer retention, and company morale). Have a 5 minute chat with a consultant and your swag will be on autopilot (you'll receive a monthly SwagBag).

Link: swagb.ag

Sock Swag

Description: While I think company shirts make the most awesome swag, custom socks for your startup would probably be a close second. Sock Club can create custom socks with your branding or company name, so that your swag can stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Link: custom.sockclub.com

Sticker Junkie

Description: Your Startup probably needs some cool swag, and stickers are affordable and tend to get put up places, and they don't always come down quickly. Vinyl printed stickers are the best because they won't fade like other printing methods, and they're extremely durable. If you need swag to give out to customers or at conferences or in your guerilla street marketing campaign, grab some stickers.

Link: stickerjunkie.com

Sticker Mule

Description: Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers. They help thousands of people, startups, bloggers, artists and companies order awesome stickers that are printed beautifully and ship fast. They ship for free, provide free online proofs with every order and offer extremely fast turnaround. Sticker Mule aims to be the Internet's favorite sticker printer. Several people suggested I add Sticker Mule here, so they are obviously loved.

Link: stickermule.com

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