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Ooma Office

Description: Ooma Office is the simplest to use, easiest to set up, and most reliable business phone system to help your small startup sound like a big business. There are never any contracts, and no scaling prices that increase if you need more features or more user accounts; it’s always $19.95/mo/user regardless if you have 1 or 1000 phone lines. Some of the features you get are a virtual receptionist call directory, call forwarding to your cell phone, free toll free number, and much more!

Link: Ooma Office


Description: OpenPhone gets you a business phone number (US, Canada or toll-free) inside of an app on your smartphone. Very slick, highly reviewed.



Description: Grasshopper is a well known telelphone solution, the one that Tim Ferriss pushes in 4 Hour Work Week. Get a toll free number so that you look like a big deal before you actually are. Route calls, manage your phone directory, do it all. They even have hold music.



Description: Line2, previously called Toktumi, is another phone solution, and the only that I personally have used for the last six years or something. You can get an 888 or 877 number, so that it looks toll free and professional, but it just forwards to your office number or cell phone. And that's only like $15 a month for that. I also like that it takes any voicemail from a call I missed and emails me an mp3 of it. Very convenient.



Description: More suited for physical offices, Ringcentral can manage anything from a small office to a large corporation. They also have real toll free numbers, not just 888 numbers that forward to your phone. Features include auto attendants, automatic call recording, and advanced call management and a ton more.



Description: A full featured phone system that scales as you grow. While having all the same features as any other phone system, Telzio is much easier to use and has better call quality for a fraction of the price. Instead of charging you per user, Telzio only charges for each of your phone numbers. This means, that if you have one main number, you can add all your employees to your system and give them an extension at no extra cost. So when your company grows, your phone bill doesn't.



Description: Zoom was recommended to me as a remote video conferencing solution that doesn't get choppy or run up your processor like crazy. The free plan has unlimited video conferencing, and the paid plans have a ton of options. Check them out if you need video conferences for your Startup.


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