The Tools Your Startup Should be Using and Why

If you’re working on or for a startup, you likely have a lot on your mind: staffing, location, investments, production, service, marketing. But have you thought about your customers? Your customers, of course, are the things that are going to help open the doors, help keep them open, and help create a bigger and better company now and in the future.

As you learn about your customers, you’ll realize that there’s a lot to keep track of—how they found out about you, what they do, what their sales history has been with you. You can’t, of course, keep track of all that in scribbled notes or in your head, or even in a spreadsheet. What you need is one of the best tech tools for startups: customer relationship management software.

That, of course, is just one of the many pieces of the tech tool puzzle to build your startup. Why does it matter and what else is important? The graphic below can help.

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The Tools Your Startup Should Be Using — And Why

Via Salesforce