Top SEO Agencies for Startups

If you’ve landed here, it’s easy to assume you’re looking for some quality SEO.

As you can imagine, this is not an uncommon problem for startups. And while SEO is not the short term investment it used to be (relatively speaking), it’s still very much worth the time and money investment.

The world wide web is a massive bouquet of over 1800 million websites, an ever-growing figure in which a myriad of entrepreneurial gems gets buried every day because their owners can’t speak Google-ese. Having a solid SEO strategy is like hiring a translator that will speak directly to Google and let it know what is your site is about, and why it’s a more trustworthy resource than that of your competitors.

Speaking of things that there are a lot of… SEO agencies. Where to begin? Which one to choose?

Don’t worry about it, because we’ve got you covered. We took a look at a BUNCH of agencies to help you figure out which ones are the best for startups.

So without further ado:

The Top 3 SEO Agencies for Startups in 2022:

  • Smash Digital
  • Siege Media
  • Thrive Agency

Smash Digital (our all-around top pick)

best SEO agencies for startups

Smash has proven process for managing the SEO for big, 7-figure businesses.

Founded by Travis Jamison, Smash Digital has brought together a team of dedicated SEO experts that provides the same exact lead generation strategies they used to build up an impressive, successful personal portfolio.

What sets them apart is the realization that SEO campaigns are a living process that changes constantly, where the one-size-fits all approach is not how they work. Individual attention is paid to each business, giving each website the strategy it needs to win. Their commitment to SEO knowledge is strong, as they break down what works, and have an internal process to test the latest and greatest strategies on their own sites before bringing them to their customers.

Smash does all the things your business needs–from link building to technical audits.

Not sure if Smash is a good fit? They’ve got a strong reputation in the industry for low-pressure sales calls where they’ll go over what your site needs, what’s holding back their traffic, and what will help.

Get in touch with Smash today to see if they’re a good fit for your startup.

Siege Media (most visual-focused)

siege media logo

Founded by Ross Hudgens, Siege Media is a wide spectrum of creative talents and savvy-SEO experts that takes care of each and every one of your marketing needs.

One of the best ways for startups to compete against top-ranked giants in their niche, is by appealing to their target audience with a unique content creation strategy that drives organic traffic and increase the overall conversion rate. Aside from producing amazing content, the team of Siege Media focuses high-quality graphic design, blog design, photography and video production services. From copywriting, web design and email marketing to purposefully designed infographics, animation and interactive content, their digital marketing services might very well be they key to create the brand awareness you’re looking for and land among the first search engine results.

Their numbers and case studies are impressive. They took Shutterfly from 0 to $1,700,000 a month and from 0 to over 300,000 visits. They claim their content generates $86,856,000 every year in client traffic value. Now imagine what that can do for your business.

Put simply, Siege Media is one of those companies that you can trust and sit back while they craft their magic and present you with an end-to-end solution to take your business from zero to hero in record time.

You can visit Siege media here.

Thrive Agency (best local agency)

thive best local SEO

Thrive is, in our vast experience, the best local SEO agency for your SaaS startup. Founded by Matt Bowman, Thrive has come a long way since 2005, when its president and founder decided to venture into the world of internet marketing. What started as a one-man effort has evolved through 16 years of rapid industry growth to become a leading digital marketing company.

Thrive likes to back up their claims with solid evidence of their success. On top of being a several-times awarded company, they have been proudly featured for the fifth consecutive time in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. However, it’s not only awards that attest to their efficacy and helps us easily rank them as a top SEO company. Using their own growth formula and deep understanding of Google Analytics algorithms, they have managed to achieve 100% website conversions month-over-month for one of their clients, as well as a 451% rate of email conversions, sales volume and total purchases year-over-year for another (according to their on-site case studies).

Thrive also offers multiple solutions ranging from Digital Marketing Strategies, Amazon PPC Campaigns, Ecommerce Website Design, Reputation Management Software and Social Media Marketing.

Check out Thrive Agency here.

How to choose a SEO agency

Choosing the best Saas building services for your startup is an extremely impactful decision in the life of any company.

We know that online marketing is a fast-growing industry where decision fatigue exists can easily overwhelm you. A quickly changing SEO landscape  means strategies that proved to be successful in the past will no longer get you where you need to be. Finding an SEO company that not only understands this, but weaves this philosophy into their service offerings is a crucial thing to look for when considering marketing partners.

Let’s end this best of article with someone advice, from our deep experience in the startup world.

  1. Before choosing your SEO agency, you should define what your desired goals are. Coming to the table with a solid understanding (or understanding that you lack this knowledge and will be leaning on the experts at the agency) is essential.
  2. Not every strategy is a good fit for your startup. So, you need to define what you’re looking for by considering sales volume, traffic, backlinks, conversions, all of it.
  3. Make sure the company you work with starts with an SEO audit (if you’ve not had one done recently). They will need to analyze and turn your site upside down to find every piece major piece that could be holding future SEO efforts back.
  4. Budget is a consideration, as you cannot buy what you cannot afford, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If we had a dollar for every company we’ve heard from over the years that went with the cheapest SEO option, we’d still have way less money than what it costs them to fix a run of bad SEO work.