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Alternative To

Description: This category is more for traction tools that are less often thought of, and Alternative To is a great one to start with (and besides, these categories go alphabetically). If there is anything at all like your startup, go find it in the Alternative To directory, then post your startup as an Alternative. Say you're creating a dating app better than Tinder, search on Alternative To for Tinder, then post your service as alternative to it, then get your buddies to go upvote it.


Pay with a Tweet

Description: If you're allowing people to post their information on your site, or you're giving away an ebook or something, besides just getting their email address, you can use Pay With a Tweet to force, I mean strongly encourage, them to post a tweet about the product or service in order to get it for free.



Description: is a URL shortener that also includes a floating tag at the bottom of the article or page that you shorten, so that if you share it on your social media and someone follows the link, there's a Call To Action to go check out your own service. This is a brilliant way to brand other people's material that you share that relates to your Startup.


Start a FIRE

Description: Start a FIRE is very similar to Sniply, but better designed. If you use Buffer, like I do obsessively, you can set up Start a FIRE as your URL shortener within Buffer, which is super helpful for me, since I Pocket articles to automatically go to Buffer to my Twitter feeds. Like Sniply, it puts your branding on the articles you share, which can lead back to your Startup. And if someone reshares that article, they're not likely to take the time to extract the original URL, so your branding gets passed along too.



Description: Ideal for people getting started in traction and growth hacking, Traction.VC is a weekly course by email and a dashboard full of actionable traction ideas. Go through them all and you'll be pretty well set to get traction and grow.


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