Useful contacts – Issue 185

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Happy Friday!

I made something and put it into the wild to get feedback. If you like email newsletters and/or you create a newsletter take a look at Inbox Stash.

It’s a very simple email newsletter directory. Still got a lot of newsletters to add (if you have one, please submit it) but it’s proving popular so far. Feedback also very welcome. ?

Ok, back to this newsletter…

Last week had one of the most even spread of clicks I’ve seen in the newsletter. The Branding for a Startup article was a close winner.

On to this week’s tools and articles…

? Tools discovered recently

The Ultimate SaaS Tech Stack Database

This is a little gem from Close. 850 SaaS companies in a Google Sheet with names of CEO and the CEOs Twitter and LinkedIn links. And the tech stack the company is using.

It’ll cost you nothing more than entering your email address. Great for building connections and generating sales leads. Get this >>

StatsGlitch | Google Analytics Alerts

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might notice this got shared some months back.

I’m not getting lazy – the tool for sending you alerts when something out of the ordinary happens to your traffic goals, has had a major update.

Amongst other improvements, it now tries to tell you why something happened or help you get to the root cause.

And, the maker, Arminas, has kindly offered Startup Resources readers a 20% discount. Use code SR2019 at checkout. (available until 1st December 2019). Get this >>

Backlink Shitter

Yep, that’s it’s real name. I’m hoping the spam filters aren’t punishing me for including it.

It might not have the best name (although I bet you remember it ?) but it’s a free tool that will give you a list of backlinks for a website (page or domain). And you can download into a CSV. 

So if you don’t have the need for a fancy, expensive tool but do want to know if you’re getting backlinks, this would be a great starting point. Get this >>

Holiday Planner for Social Media

If you need some inspiration for your social media efforts try using “holidays” as an excuse to post. There’s something every day of the year that your brand could get behind. Did you know today is National Vegan Day?

Apart from a list of all holidays for the rest of 2019 and 2020 on the page, there’s also a Google calendar you can import. Get this >>

? Sponsor of the week

Get unstuck with advice from vetted growth mentors

In minutes, you’ll have access to 150+ vetted growth marketing and startup mentors, ready to jump on a call with you at startup friendly rates (or free!)

? Articles of the week

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Audience

Whatever business you’re in, you need an audience. And you’d probably like it to be bigger than it is ?

No problem, I got you covered with this article. Read now >>

How to Build a High-Ticket Sales Funnel

This is an in depth makeover of a sales funnel for a high ticket ($1800 per month) subscription service. Shows before and after and reasons for the change, along with results when applied to the real world.

As the author says it’s the “the nerdiest, geekiest, in the weeds article you’ll read this year” Read now >>

How I built and shipped my revenue-ready MVP in 4 hours

A no / low code case study of going from idea to MVP very quickly.

Bethan Vincent shares her step by step to getting a working job board out into the wild.

The tools available on the market are making it very easy for non tech people to test out ideas. It’s crazy what you can do. Read now >>

LLC Legal information for digital makers – lawAVOCADO

Useful guide to setting up a limited liability company (LLC) in the US for your startup.

Answers the questions that keep popping up in the maker communities and points you in the right direction to get your LLC set up. Read now >>

(even if you don’t need it right now, bookmark it for when you do start thinking about forming an LLC)

? Podcast of the week

How to Pick the Right Idea

If you’re stuck trying to decide on the right idea, this conversation on Product Journey is super interesting.

The hosts (Noah and Ben) talk about picking a niche and aspects of product-founder fit. Listen now >>

? That’s it for this issue

Enjoy the weekend, I’ll be back next Friday.

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