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Your phone is the enemy – Issue 188

Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Paul Metcalfe

Hello ?

Here we are on a Friday, just about – a little late today as life got in the way.

So, I’m not going to ramble on in the intro. Let’s get to it.

Last week’s most clicked tool was the 26 Browser Extensions for Marketers. A convincing win.

On to this week’s tools and articles…

? Tools discovered recently

Versoly – Easily build a SaaS website that converts

The world isn’t short of website builders but this new one is worth looking at (which you can do for free).

It’s focused on SaaS, and comes with prebuilt “blocks” that allow even the most non tech founder the ability to create stunning pages.

Or if you want, you can get down in the weeds and tweak the code.

Reasonably priced for up to 5 of your domain names.

And, it comes from the team that brought you the SaaS Pages resource. So they know a thing or two about what works in SaaS. Get this >>

Sheety | Turn your Google Sheet into an API

This is something I’m going to try. Allows you to use a Google Sheet as your backend database. Perfect for getting an MVP into the wild. Get this >>

Sitesauce | A static site for dynamically generated websites

Static sites are more secure and faster than a CMS that’s pulling from a database. But if you need a CMS (like WordPress) then static is a pain to manage. 

That’s where Sitesauce can help you out – taking your WordPress site (or other dynamic platform) each time it’s updated and converting to a static site. Get this >>

Reader Mode

Great tool to make it easier to read web pages. Removes all the clutter (ads included) to allow you to focus on the article.

Free version and a pro paid (a small one time payment). Get this >>

? Sponsor of the week

Get unstuck with advice from vetted growth mentors

In minutes, you’ll have access to 150+ vetted growth marketing and startup mentors, ready to jump on a call with you at startup friendly rates (or free!)

? Articles of the week

Real and Imaginary Responsibilities of a Bootstrapped Founder

The intro to this article from bootstrapper Arvid Kahl says it all…

“As a founder, you will encounter many expectations. Founders have to have a mission. They have to care about their customers genuinely. A great founder is a leader, a visionary, an expert.

Sometimes you just want to be you — the entrepreneur who had a good idea for a business and then worked on it diligently. You don’t need to be a hero. You just want to run your business.”

So what are you supposed to be doing as a founder? Read this >>

There is no better “growth hack” for SaaS than talking with your customers

We’ve all heard we’re supposed to “talk to customers” but what does that mean?

And how do you do it? Read now >>

How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You

Your phone is the enemy.

Until you sit back, read an article like this one and think about your relationship with your phone, you don’t realize how it drains your productivity.

Time to fix it and stop being a slave to the apps.

The principles in this article are relevant to any type of phone. The “how to” part is for iPhone. Read this >>

Maker Podcasts

I’m a big fan of what Pod Hunt are doing for podcast discovery and I really like what they’re starting to do with collections. 

This first collection is a great selection of podcasts produced by Makers. Find podcasts >>

? Podcast of the week

7 Businesses I Can’t Believe No One Has Started (Yet!)

Really short (11 minutes) podcast from Noah Kagan with some interesting business ideas.

If you’re stuck trying to find a business idea or need an extra income stream, this is worth 11 minutes of your time. Listen now >>

? That’s it for this issue

Enjoy the weekend, I’ll be back next Friday.

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