11 Best SEO Software for Agencies In 2024 (Free and Paid Tools)

Solid SEO software is the bedrock of any agency that prioritizes exceptional results. There are so many agency tools available on the market, so how can you pinpoint the best one for your company?

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the top 11 tools for agencies that help you make informed decisions that will improve your SEO performance and search visibility. Here, you will discover pricier solutions with advanced features such as SE Ranking or Semrush, as well as some simpler and free options such as Google Search Console. Whether you represent a large agency handling multiple SEO projects or are just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey with a limited budget, you will find a solution that fits your needs.

To make our list more helpful, each tool includes information on pricing options and core features. Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Get SEO Software as an Agency?

SEO software tools are a must-have for any agency. First of all, they act as a vital source of insightful data about your client’s business and its competitors, facilitating the evaluation of their SEO performance and detecting areas that need improvement. Undertaking regular and complete SEO audits and making adjustments will help you make informed decisions so that you can boost search rankings and organic performance.

SEO tools are also an invaluable source of insights to support your entire SEO strategy. Thanks to advanced tools that provide keyword ideas and support content idea generation, SEO professionals can create high-quality content and optimize it to answer the user intent of their target audience.

SEO agency software simplifies search engine optimization and provides essential information for the creation of online marketing strategies, making it an excellent asset for organic and paid campaigns.

Additionally, most SEO platforms offer automatic website audits that help detect and rectify technical SEO issues that have been hindering a site’s search engine performance. These can include many problems related to site speed, mobile-friendliness, structured data, server errors, and more.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Modern SEO tools are particularly beneficial for agencies, especially when managing client projects. These tools offer many core features, such as white-label services and client reporting tools, which significantly enhance agency-client collaboration efficiency. They help to improve client business, increase their online visibility, boost SEO strategy, and meet client deadlines.

List Of The 11 Best SEO Software For Agencies

1. SE Ranking

An innovative all-in-one SEO platform with advanced features for agencies

SE Ranking is an advanced search engine optimization platform that relies on AI-powered data processing algorithms to provide comprehensive guidance, streamline work processes, and optimize costs.

Its greatest asset is its functionality. Users will find a range of features such as keyword rank tracking, competitive analysis, technical SEO audit, link management, keyword suggestions, content and local marketing, and more. Its impressive keyword database, which serves 190 countries, is most notable. It provides a significant advantage over its competitors.

Thanks to its flexible and cost-effective pricing plans, SE Ranking is perfect for online marketers of any level: freelancers, small businesses, and large agencies. It’s well known for its comprehensive agency-specific features, such as white label and lead generator tools. Another one of its strengths is the ability to create unlimited custom and detailed reports for clients under any plan, ensuring seamless communication of results and building trust and loyalty.

When comparing the pricing options of other SEO software solutions for agencies offering similar options, SE Ranking’s agency package offers the best balance of features. Furthermore, it is nearly three times cheaper than its competitors.

In addition to its core features, SE Ranking incorporates innovative artificial intelligence-based tools, such as the Content Marketing Module, that help with content optimization and improve your SEO content strategy.

Users also appreciate the clear, user-friendly interface, which is rated higher than most competitors. SE Ranking’s intuitive dashboard facilitates easy navigation and provides a comprehensive understanding of SEO performance.

Pricing: Starts at $44 per month

Key features:

  • Keyword Ranking Checker tool to effectively track your customer and competitor performance
  • Built-in reporting features that provide full customization
  • Advanced data-sharing options for team members and clients
  • A lead generator that allows you to install a custom On-Page SEO Checker widget directly on your agency’s website

2. Ahrefs

An SEO tool with extensive insights into keyword click data and thorough backlink analysis

Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool that agencies often use as their tool of choice. Its most significant strength is its massive database of backlinks, making it excellent for managing a backlink profile. It has reliable analytical tools for competitive analysis, batch website analysis, keyword analysis, and much more. Like other SEO tools similar to Ahrefs, it also allows you to perform audits to detect any technical issues. It’s also great for checking domain ratings, building links, finding duplicate content, and tracking website ranking.

While Ahrefs has numerous advantages and is favored by many users, it also has its shortcomings. It is a relatively challenging tool to use with a steeper learning curve than its competitors.

Additionally, this tool may disappoint if you’re seeking the capability to create and share custom SEO reports for clients. It currently lacks this functionality, although its site suggests that it should be available soon.

The pricing is another factor to consider. For large agencies it could cost up to several thousand dollars per month. The final cost depends not only on the chosen price plan but also on the number of users, the number of credits used, and the frequency of search ranking data updates.

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

Key features:

  • Website technical audit helps discover technical SEO issues affecting your SEO results
  • Site Explorer provides comprehensive information on organic traffic and backlink profile
  • Ahrefs Rank Tracker monitors rankings and compares them with competitors

3. Semrush

A powerful and advanced SEO tool containing a mass of features

Semrush is one of the most powerful and well-known SEO tools. The platform encompasses numerous core tools, allowing users to conduct complete SEO audits, keyword research, batch analysis, competitive analysis, study site organic traffic and keyword rankings, analyze backlink profiles, find duplicate content, check their domain authority, manage social media, and much more. It also has various advanced solutions for agencies, like a dedicated CRM, to collect data and get insights about your prospects.

Intriguingly, Semrush also includes its own unique data. This includes the Share of Voice indicator and Product Listing Ads data collection for optimizing Google Shopping campaigns.

However, this extensive functionality can also present challenges. Like Ahrefs, Semrush is relatively difficult to navigate, which may be attributed to the sheer number of features that can overwhelm users. Additionally, the breadth of its functionality can lead to extra costs, as certain features require additional fees, making Semrush pricing one of the highest on the market.

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $129.95 per month


  • Comprehensive keyword research tools to increase organic traffic and rank higher
  • A client portal that streamlines, automates, and provides personalized contact between your agency and its customers
  • Semrush CRM, which stores all your customers’ data in one place

4. SpyFu

A cost-effective SEO tool focused on advanced competitive analysis

Developed initially as a “spy” tool, SpyFu has evolved into a robust SEO platform with a well-rounded suite of tools.

Its cornerstone functionality is its comprehensive competitive analysis for both SEO and PPC, particularly in keywords, content, and competitor link profiles. Moreover, the tool even allows you to identify your competitors’ backlink sources, which helps you discover and evaluate your backlink opportunities.

Its cornerstone functionality is its comprehensive competitive analysis for both SEO and PPC, particularly for keywords, content, and competitor link profiles. It excels in competitor tracking, allowing you to keep a close watch on the activities and strategies of your competitors.

One exciting feature is the ad history option, which offers insights into a competitor’s advertising and content strategy, including ad copy, landing pages, and estimated ad spending. It is an excellent source of SEO ideas that can help both paid and organic visibility.

However, while SpyFu provides basic SEO features like a rank tracker, backlink alerts, and a tool for keyword research, it isn’t as comprehensive as most of its competitors on this list. This relative simplicity, however, makes it one of the most affordable options on the market.

Pricing: Starts at $39 per month

Key features:

  • PPC competitor research allows you to fully analyze all of the ads your competitors have purchased
  • SEO competitive research to discover all the SEO areas of your competitors and get hints on how to outrank them
  • Keyword tool to analyze competitors’ keywords, helping you to leverage their knowledge and avoid their mistakes

5. Moz

An all-in-one SEO tool providing all essential functionalities

Moz is an SEO tool for small businesses, agencies, and large enterprises, and it’s available in several different versions:

  • Moz Pro, providing a comprehensive suite of essential SEO tools
  • Moz Local, focusing on local SEO
  • STAT, dedicated to enterprise SEO experts

It encompasses all the core features of SEO tools, such as keyword analysis, Moz Link Explorer, and SERP position tracking. Additionally, it provides indexing analysis and site auditing to detect and rectify any technical issues within the site or its link architecture.

From an agency perspective, the ability to create an unlimited number of comprehensive and custom SEO reports, available from the second price package starting at $179 per month, is certainly noteworthy. Although this information isn’t explicitly stated in the price list, the tool also offers white-label reports, albeit without the ability for third parties to directly access and navigate the data. Instead, you can generate specific SEO reports for them and arrange automatic delivery.

Compared to other tools on the market, Moz’s features are rather basic and don’t stand out. Furthermore, users have noted that the tool does not undergo regular updates, and its functionality has remained unchanged for a significant amount of time. Additionally, some see the interface as outdated and complicated due to a lack of data visualization charts.

Pricing: Basic Moz Pro plan starts at $99 per month

Key features:

  • Moz Link Explorer allows you to discover competitor backlink sources and remove broken links to your website
  • Technical SEO tools that enable you to analyze your client websites to detect technical issues and discover opportunities for optimization
  • Custom SEO reports with the option to schedule cyclical deliveries directly to customers

6. Ubersuggest

An easy-to-use SEO tool with a powerful keyword research feature

Ubersuggest, created by renowned SEO expert Neil Patel, began as a basic keyword tool and has since evolved into a comprehensive online platform. Today, it offers many features, including a technical SEO audit, an SEO checker, a backlink checker, rank tracking, link building, competitor analysis, custom report generation, and more.

Despite its expansion, its comprehensive keyword research tool remains its cornerstone. In the realm of content idea generation, this tool proves to be invaluable, as it not only suggests popular topics but also aids in content creation, thereby amplifying organic traffic.

The primary strength of Ubersuggest lies in its intuitive interface and ease of use, making it a favorite among beginner SEO specialists. It provides extensive educational resources, including step-by-step SEO tutorials, templates, and worksheets. Its competitive pricing options are another attractive feature, particularly for newcomers to the SEO field.

While Ubersuggest does offer an Enterprise package, it may not be as advanced as such pricier offerings from its competitors and might not fully meet the needs of SEO agencies.

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month

Key Features:

  • Keyword suggestion tools, including their volume, competition, and seasonal trends
  • Content and keyword ideas to review backlink opportunities in your niche and identify the most shared content on social media
  • SEO Checker, which shows a list of errors that are hindering your site from achieving good results in Google

7. Google Search Console

A free and must-have tool with direct data from Google

Google Search Console is a free tool directly from Google that allows you to see your client websites as precisely as the powerful search engine does. Along with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Data Studio, it is one of Google’s most powerful tools for marketers that helps you understand its algorithm and use it to your advantage.

With Google Search Console, you can measure search traffic, discover the queries generating that traffic, and optimize your content based on impressions, clicks, and positions on Google, among many other functions.

Most importantly, this tool is a valuable source of information about potential SEO errors and technical issues, such as indexing errors and broken links, which can negatively impact SEO and decrease your domain authority. You are free to submit sitemaps and URLs for crawling and indexing.

While there are other options for monitoring website performance, even the best and most expensive SEO tools don’t offer the same range of data straight from the source.

Every company focused on SEO performance should use Google Search Console, regardless of its size. However, if you represent a digital marketing agency, it should serve as an additional SEO tool rather than a replacement for the tools on our list, which have far more advanced functions to streamline your work and keep you ahead of the competition.

Pricing: Free

Key features:

  • Index Coverage Report that shows all indexed pages and identifies any errors
  • Links Report providing information on various types of external and internal links
  • Search Analytics Report offering a wide range of key information about your site’s Google search results

8. KWFinder by Mangools

An intuitive tool for finding easy-to-rank keywords

KWFinder is an intuitive, cheap, and easy-to-use keyword search tool. It allows you to test multiple keywords by analyzing monthly organic search volume and keyword promotion difficulty scores. It also offers advanced functions, such as filtering results and analyzing SERPs.

This tool provides a comprehensive view of your competitors’ SEO performance, allowing you to input their domain and see which words they rank highest for. It can also be useful for content gap analysis to help improve your content task efficiency. Moreover, KWFinder allows you to view historical search numbers so that you can stay ahead of the competition by identifying seasonal keywords and trending topics.

If you’re focused on local SEO, you’ll appreciate that KWFinder enables you to find long-tail keywords specific to your site’s location.

Pricing: Starts at $19 per month

Key features:

  • Local keyword research, offering choices from over 50,000 locations
  • Analysis of historical search volumes and long-term trends to identify seasonal keywords and trending topics
  • Keyword analysis to identify words that can be easily positioned for higher ranking

9. Yoast SEO

A comprehensive WordPress plugin that works directly on your site

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize your site’s content and organic keywords directly on the website. Once installed on your site, Yoast SEO will be visible on every WordPress page and post. It analyzes your site’s content and suggests ways to enhance it. The tips it offers pertain to both the readability of your copy and the effectiveness of your positioning for the main keyword you have chosen.

Moreover, it lets you easily edit the metadata for each page, providing insights into how it appears in Google’s SERP results. It alerts you if your meta title or meta description is too long or too short, ensuring they are continually optimized for major search engines.

In addition, it allows you to preview the link of a specific page when shared on selected social media platforms and even create a dedicated title and description for a particular platform.

Yoast SEO is available in a free version, but for extended functionality, it also offers two paid packages tailored to your specific business needs.

Price: Available in free and paid versions (paid start at 99)

Key features:

  • Ability to create custom meta titles and meta descriptions tailored to major search engines
  • Automatic creation and submission of XML sitemaps to search engines
  • Checking focus keywords for their density on the page

10. BrightLocal

Local SEO agency software that effectively enhances your local visibility


BrightLocal is a user-friendly local SEO platform designed to enhance local rankings and boost traffic from local searches. This comprehensive tool facilitates the management of reviews and reputation, ensuring your brand’s good presentation to potential customers and effectively tracking local rankings across Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

In addition to organic rankings, BrightLocal provides a detailed view of mobile device and map rankings. Over time, it showcases improvements in rankings, offering valuable insights into the efficacy of your local SEO initiatives. Moreover, inputting a postal code or city name in the reports section lets you view how your business is perceived in a specific location.

BrightLocal is convenient for those with a busy schedule, as it allows you to set up automatic reports and alerts to notify you of any changes in your rankings. More impressively, it extends its tracking capabilities to your citations, informing you about your online visibility on directories.

To summarize, BrightLocal goes the extra mile to enhance your local SEO performance with its excellent customer service and user-friendly interface. It is a popular tool of choice for companies and agencies focused on local SEO.

Pricing: Starts at $35 per month

Key features:

  • Management of your brand’s reviews and reputation
  • Citation tracking capabilities to assess your online visibility on directories
  • Comprehensive tracking of local rankings that allows you to discover opportunities for higher search engine rankings

11. Agency Analytics

Comprehensive marketing analytics software for agencies focused on providing client reports

Agency Analytics is a B2B marketing tool dedicated to agencies. It’s used to track, manage, and report SEO efforts to clients. It allows you to consolidate your clients’ data in one place, as well as create customizable dashboards, and generate automated reports. As its creators emphasize, the tool is meant to make it so that agencies don’t have to use Google Sheets and other spreadsheets and waste time manually reporting to clients.

Agency Analytics offers over 75 integrations with popular marketing tools and social media platforms such as Mailchimp, YouTube, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search Console. It ensures that all your clients’ data remains updated in one place.

Like any decent agency tool, Agency Analytics provides white-label reporting, allowing you to add your logo, customize colors, and even host reports directly on your domain.

Although this SEO tool isn’t as extensive as SEO platforms such as SE Ranking or Semrush, it’s important to note that its purpose is slightly different from those platforms, as it focuses on conveying information to clients.

Pricing: Starts at $12 per month

Key features:

  • White-labeling to create fully customized client reporting
  • A drag-and-drop report builder that enables you to include campaign data and create fully customizable reports
  • Ready-made, customizable templates that provide essential information to share with your customers

In Closing: Choosing the Right Tools Guarantees Your SEO Agency’s Success

As you navigate through the vast array of SEO tools for agencies available on the market, both paid and free, it’s crucial to select platforms that align with your unique SEO strategy and projects, as well as cater to your clients’ businesses.

In addition to optimizing your work for existing customers and improving their search visibility and SEO performance, it’s important to remember to expand and reach out to new prospects and maximize the efficiency of your outreach efforts.