Businesses are often on the search for either an experienced attorney or a fast legal service to help them with a complex issue or a legal document they might need. And in recent years, instead of contracting a traditional law firm, they discover their solutions online. We went through many of those online services and discovered the best legal alternatives that deal with any legal affair a startup might face. 

Here, you can browse through any type of legal service for startups and early-stage companies with super cost-effective prices. One of them caters especially to startups and entrepreneurs offering experienced lawyers in those fields. 

Other tools we included feature trademarking your company name so you can have legal grounds for defense in case someone else tries to use your name, as well as an attorney directory where you enter your business’ niche and attorneys bid to get the work done.

Another service that we really enjoyed offers open legal documents that you can sign right on the spot, most suitable for companies working with remote teams.

And don’t forget the amazing legal documents generators. They’ll get you covered with fully compliant legal agreements in no time, from privacy policies and terms and conditions agreements to cookies policies and disclaimers.